Let’s face it, when an athlete feels confident, that confidence resonates in the performance. Their every step, the sass and showmanship right down to facial expressions just scream ‘I’ve got this’! Point being, the smallest of mistakes, blunders or even lack of focus will have most monumental impact on a performance when uncertainty or doubt takes hold!

…That’s right folks, a routine will never be executed as a winning routine without CONFIDENCE to pull it off!

Define self-confidence

Mmmm a tricky one this… so, although confidence differs from person to person, put simply, self-confidence is most commonly defined as follows

‘the sureness of feeling you are equal to the task at hand and is characterised by an absolute belief in ability’. (Woodman 2010)

In most people confidence is like a squash ball; the harder the blow, the quicker the bounce back! If you’re not quite there yet, dig deep guys, believe in yourself and self-confidence is just around the corner!

The ladder to building confidence

Using your Sporting accomplishments

Sporting accomplishments, no matter how small, are a huge contributing factor to overall sport confidence.

For instance, when successfully nailing any skill, be it hitting that jump, or landing that back-handspring back tuck, confidence can rocket soar – a direct result… an athlete is usually more willing to try something that little bit harder!

Being involved in the success of others

Ask yourself this question… how great do you feel when you see your teammate smash their element of the routine? There’s no denying that when you’re closely involved in the success of others, your self-confidence subconsciously grows! It that old ‘if they can do it, so can I’ effect.

You go girl (or guy)

Verbal persuasion is a means of not only changing your own behaviour or attitude, but of others around you. Take your coaches for example, how many times do they shout at you during a full out? How many times do you hear ‘come on team, keep going’? This is your coaches’ way of boosting your confidence, and telling you that YOU CAN DO IT! Now try and adopt this very same mantra, because they ARE right… you can do anything you put your mind to!

You feel what your body feels

 Negative physiological states impact confidence. Muscular tension, heart palpitations and butterflies in your stomach… there’s nothing worse!

When your team are backstage in warm up, ready to take to the mat, these kind of body sensations associated with competition can be detrimental to your performance – learn how to channel your energy into something great! Confidence can be found if you just learn to breathe! Stop all your worrying guys and breathe in for 5 and out for 5 – Then remember everything you’ve learnt!

We all get a bit emotional from time to time

And then some…just remember guys, what you’re feeling isn’t some new phenomenon, everyone gets excited, anxious, scared and even nauseous and often these emotions. Left unchecked can build up and create self-doubt. Learn and train yourself to manage these thoughts! Close your eyes and imagine your routine from start to finish, imagine yourself hitting every single stunt, nailing every single jump and landing every single one of your tumbles. Train your brain to wash away any thoughts of self-doubt before you hit that mat.

Now we know all this takes time to master, but just trust us and in time you’ll get there and eventually wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place!

 And if there’s one way PINKfudge knows how to boost your self-confidence, it’s by making you look just as fabulous as you should feel on that competition mat. So, if you’re looking for a new competition uniform to help boost your squad’s confidence, give us a ring on 01256 346255.