Have you been bitten by the competition bug? Or perhaps you’ve seen images of fitness competitions and wondered what it’s all about. There are so many aspects of a fitness competition to talk about, but, here are a few to get you started…

What category should you compete in?

Don’t worry, there’s a place in fitness competitions for all fit body types and personalities. I wouldn’t worry too much about your category at first, we would recommend focusing on building your body and becoming lean as once your body is exactly where you want it to be, it’s usually pretty clear which category you belong in. And, if it’s not, a coach can always help you decide! Many women compete in several categories within the same competition, so there really is no stress in figuring out your perfect category just yet.

Category 1- Bikini

The least muscular of all categories, but still very fit is the bikini category. This category is perfect for those women who want to showcase their fit physique in a ‘sexy’ way. We would definitely describe this category as ‘sassy’, ‘fun’ and full of energy!

Category 2- Fitness model

This is a category for all levels of muscularity! If you’ve ever wanted to be seen in a fitness magazine then this is definitely the category for you!

Category 3- Glamour

This is a category for women that want to go all out on competition day. The words ‘Victoria’s Secret’ fashion show spring to mind as a theme for this type of competition.

Category 4- Figure

Figure category competitors should typically have more muscle than a bikini or fitness competitor. The judges in this category are looking for rounded shoulders and a well-built upper back that tapers into a tight waist. Not to mention that having a separation between the muscle groups is advantageous!

Category 5- Physique

This category is a perfect chance for women who also enjoy posing and all aspects of bodybuilding to show off.

How long do you need to train?

The amount of time it takes an individual to get ‘stage ready’ definitely depends on the persons starting point. You’ve got to have some muscle, and muscle takes time to build. If you’ve been sculpting a physique and have a solid foundation build, then it generally takes approximately 12 weeks to lean out and get competition ready. Do remember though that you have to put your time and energy into the gym and eating right in order to build your muscle. Our advice? Find a good plan and put in your time to sculpting and fuelling your muscle growth.

Having the right mind set

People can easily become obsessed and unbalanced when they get deep into the fitness competition world but it’s all about enjoying a healthy gym and lifestyle balance. Although you may hear about its negatives, it is possible to compete and not be obsessive, however you have to be your own advocate for that!

Ask yourself if you have a healthy motivation to compete. If you want to compete then you have to ensure you’re ready for it! It’s a sport, and like any sport a good coach will not only ensure progress but will ensure you’re constantly motivated and in the right head space to compete.

Do you have the time to commit?

Although a great mind set is all well and good, you have to ensure that you also have the time to commit. As a manufacturer of competition bikinis, we don’t know any competitors that haven’t hit the gym 4-5 days a week at least! You can’t expect to build a solid and well sculpted physique with just a few workouts here and there! If you’re thinking of competing you need a solid workout plan to get you through your prep, this is another thing your coach can mentor you through.

Finding the right Coach

Whoever you decide to go with as your coach, let them know firmly upfront what you are willing and not willing to do. Some coaches will write an insanely low calorie diet which in turn may damage your metabolism, so ensure you and your coach work out a plan that works for YOU with your best interest in mind.

If you’re looking to compete and are in need of a bespoke competition bikini, contact the team at PINKfudge. Our knowledge as a leading fitness bikini manufacturer is second to none, and we’ll ensure you feel and look nothing but amazing on stage. Email us on sarah@pinkfudge.com to discuss your requirements.