If you’re looking for a UK competition bikini design to enhance, emphasis and or support you on stage, then look no further than a PINKfudge.com fitness model bikini.


Our competition bikinis, both bespoke and ‘off the peg’ are built on incredible tailoring and designs ensuring you look and feel fantastic on stage.
All PINKfudge.com bikini bottoms are rushed at the back for maximum emphasis on all curves of the glutes. All patterning and positioning of both the front panel, connectors and their clear elastic security support are patterned to enhance the length of the leg.


We go to great lengths to ensure each of our bikinis are uniquely designed and detailed. From the fabrics through to the diamante and rhinestone connectors, all of our competition bikinis are perfectly designed to fit, portray the female form and make an impact on stage.

To discuss your bikini requirements please contact the team on 01256 346255

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